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Is Vi WINE Secco something like Prosecco?

Our Secco is a white sparkling dry wine, originally from Austria. Only wines originating in selected Italian provinces may be described as Prosecco. The difference is therefore in the origin and in the name. In terms of taste, our gold can can Prosecco compete with the overview.

Is currant wine really wine as such?

Yes it is. Black currants and grapes are fruit and the production process is basically the same way. In both cases, it is a fruit wine - fruit wine. The fact that we have experienced that wine is equal to wine from grapes is another matter. Wine as wine.

Does the aluminum can affect the taste of the wine?

The can has no effect on the taste of the wine. Inside, the aluminum is provided with a micro layer of a special coating, so that the beverage does not come into contact with the aluminum at all. On the contrary, the can is a packaging that preserves the quality and taste of the wine in the best way.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

If you order before 12:00, the package will arrive the next day - when paying by card and transport via PPL. If you want to pay by bank transfer, we send the order after the payment has been credited to the account.

How do I pay for the package?

You can pay in advance: by bank transfer or credit card.

Where can I buy Vi WINE?

Currently, Vi WINE is sold online in our e-shop, so you don't have to go anywhere, just click and the goods will come home. In addition, you will find us at special events and festivals, which we always inform about in advance on our social networks.

Why is soda added in Vi WINE Black?

It is a summer edition and summer has a fresh taste. The selected wine from Johannisbeerwein blackcurrant is sweet in itself and the 16% added soda adds the real summer flair. The great taste of this premium drink remained and thanks to the soda the wine got a fresh touch.

Why wine in a can at all?

The can is the packaging of the future. It is light, compact, infinitely recyclable, very durable, easy to open and the drink is hermetically sealed in it, so it is not affected by any external influences such as air and light. As the drink fills the can, you will then enjoy it. You can take it everywhere with you and it has the optimal size. The can is also becoming an increasingly popular packaging not only for young people. We want to show them that wine can also be cool and it is also a natural drink, not a "chemical" mixed drink made of hard alcohol full of sugars.

How will the package be packaged?

All our packages are made of fully recyclable materials, and we also use recycled cardboard packaging for export packaging. The cans are still wrapped in protective paper inside the package so that they are not damaged, and most importantly, so that you can drink immediately after unpacking without any worries. Gift packages are also wrapped in protective paper and then in a shipping box.

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