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Vi WINE - Valentýnský dárkový balíček

269,00  incl. VAT

different sizes and combinations
instant joy
for every occasion
made of eco material
wrapped with love
3x Vi WINE v dárkové krabičce s růžovou mašlí a stylovým plechový srdíčkem. Dárek, který si zamilujete oba


Semi-dry white wine with a pure fresh taste that will please all lovers of classics.

200 ml 11.5% alcohol
semi-dry, white
sparkling golden yellow color
honey - floral scent
harmonious, light, fresh taste
8 - 10 ° C


A unique combination of the unique Johannisbeerwein, blackcurrant wine and a drop of soda, which adds an even bigger flair to the wine and fine-tunes the real atmosphere of warm summer days.

200 ml 5% alcohol
semisweet, currant
rich, ruby color
intense, fruity aroma
sweet currant taste
8 - 12 ° C


Refreshing golden Secco with a balanced taste will taste to all lovers of sparkling dry wines. Suitable for any occasion or just for fun.

200 ml 11 % alcohol
dry, white, sparkling
soft golden color
pleasant honey scent
slightly fruity taste
8 - 12 ° C


We are lovers of recycling. That's why our packages are made from fully recyclable materials. It is an intention that pleases us and we believe that it will please even the recipient. The gift package is also wrapped in protective paper for export and then in a shipping box so that it is not damaged during transport.

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